DailyFiiT started due to my experimental passion for raw food, juicing, blending, vegetarian and pescatarian foods.

However, my husband is a carnivore. So, there are those moments where I will have to make him something that he enjoys such as a steak and baked potato.

All in all, I enjoy learning photography and making interesting food.  This is why I created this gallery for all to enjoy.


My passion does not stop here, I love fast cars, supercars, luxury cars, off-roading, Harley Davidson motorcycles, hiking, biking and working out.

Pretty much my entire life can be summed up as Eclectic.


I am ISSA certified in

**Personal Training

**Exercise Therapy

Additionally, I have a background in business management, and have been running a brick and mortar business for the last 16 years, specializing in luxury vehicle repairs and service.

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